PangoPDF implements a version of the Pango ( library with a PDF backend for creating PDF output. This library also implements several of the inline properties defined by XSL ( that are not currently implemented by Pango.

PangoPDF is designed to be API-compatible with the corresponding Pango version. The version number of the PangoPDF library, therefore, reflects the version number of the Pango version upon which library is based.

The current PangoPDF version is, since it is based upon Pango 1.2.3.

The goal of this project is to make itself redundant by implementing PDF support and XSL support so well that the additions are incorporated into Pango itself.

The PangoPDF library tracks the official Pango library so the PangoPDF library can incorporate non PDF-related improvements and API changes as they are incorporated into Pango.

PangoPDF uses PDFlib ( for PDF generation, but the long-term plan is to use gnome-print.

PangoPDF writes PangoLayouts to a supplied PDF file, just as other Pango backends render PangoLayouts on a supplied bitmap.

How You Can Help

  1. Download PangoPDF and use it where you would use Pango.

    Currently the only project known to use PangoPDF is xmlroff (

  2. Submit bug reports when you find bugs.

  3. Fix bugs when you find them.

  4. Fix bugs reported by other people.

  5. Add new XSL property support to PangoPDF.

  6. Help work on a gnome-print backend for PangoPDF.

Further Information

PangoPDF is on SourceForge at

Send questions and comments to the PangoPDF-List mailing list.

You can also subscribe to the PangoPDF-List.